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Generic Drugs Overview

While the active pharmaceutical ingredient in a generic drug and its proprietary counterpart are chemically identical, generic drugs typically cost far less than brand-name drugs because their producers don’t have to invent them from scratch. To learn more about generic drugs visit

The generics industry continues to grow as an aging population, a strong desire to reduce health care outlays, and an increasing reliance on generics continue to fuel demand. Virtus Pharmaceuticals, LLC is armed and ready to continue to seamlessly and efficiently deliver high quality products at competitive prices that offer solutions to health care demands across the globe.

Drug Facts: What Everyone Should Know

  • Are you a parent concerned about the quality of medications for your family?
  • Are you an adult worried about the safety of long-term drug treatment for a chronic condition?
  • Are you a senior concerned about the high cost of prescription drugs?
  • We will help you get the most benefit from your medications, avoid problems, and save money, too.

More and more Americans are turning to generic medications to obtain the same beneficial results they would receive from much costlier name-brands. In fact, almost two billion prescriptions a year are filled with generic products. Generic medications are approved for both quality and safety by the federal Food and Drug Administration, which assures that they have the same active ingredients and strength as brand-names. But they cost 30 to 80 percent less.
Many doctors prescribe generics, knowing they are effective. And many insurance companies pay more of the cost of generics, to encourage these worthwhile savings. Today, thousands of generic drugs are available, and all are manufactured and inspected under the same strict quality guidelines as brand-name drugs. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist whether there is a generic version of your prescription. If so, you can reduce your health care costs and still get the same quality of care.

Same Results: What’s in a Name?

It’s easy to play the name game with brands and generics –- the brand is the one with the catchy marketing name and the generic is the one with the more scientific-sounding chemical name. But there’s nothing complicated about the differences between brands and generics. That’s because the only real differences are the catchy name of the brand, sometimes the look, and always the lower price of the generic.
What’s most important is what is NOT different –- and that’s safety and efficacy. Generics are just as safe and effective as the brand. Plus, when generics enter the market, the same medicine brings competition and lower prices.
By law, a generic manufacturer must meet the same high standards as its brand counterpart to receive FDA approval, with the same:

  • safety and effectiveness
  • active ingredient
  • strength and dosage
  • labeling and use
  • high quality manufacturing standards

Sometimes a generic medicine may be a different color, size or shape because patents may prevent the generic from looking identical to the brand drug. These cosmetic differences have no impact on safety or effectiveness.
It’s not easy to be approved by the FDA, but these high standards ensure that your generic medicine is the same as the brand drug it replaces, and will provide you with the same results.
At MedStone, we are steadfast in our commitment to continually increase patient access to high-quality and affordable medicines.